Ole Smoky Moonshine

Have some, friend

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine was established in 2010, but the Baker family has been making moonshine for over a century. The tagline "Have some, friend" was inspired by the rich sharing culture behind every mason jar that the distillery makes. This campaign was designed to project out into the nation the brand's pride, craftsmanship, and authentic ties to the history of Tennessee Moonshine.


"Takin' the holler to the nation."

In 2013, Ole Smoky set off on an epic sharing tour, traveling in an 18-wheeler that converts into a full-service moonshine bar. They stopped at biker rallies, music festivals, and racetracks across the United States. I had a lot of fun creating artwork to decorate the exterior of the rig. I also designed table tops that worked sequentially to educate folks about the moonshining process.


Commemorative tin

Copper-plated tin celebrating the moonshining landscape of Appalachia. The left side of the tin depicts the land and wildlife of the region, while the illustrations on right reveal the man-made activities carried out under the cover of darkness.


Bristol partnership

Ole Smoky Moonshine partnered with Bristol Motor Speedway.