Hi, I’m Travis.

My work has been shaped as much by six years of agency experience as it has by life’s weird adventures. I once hiked from Mexico to Canada and have visited a dozen countries. In the process I’ve had the chance to hang out and create meaningful work with incredible people. 

The only thing I take seriously is not taking things seriously. When I step away from work you can catch me rock climbing, doodling, and singing one-word karaoke “Tequila” by The Champs.


Co-directed a documentary about the PCT community called Do More With Less.

Moved to Portland and began working as a designer at OMFGCO, This, and W+K

Directed a documentary series called Viewfinders.

Started an ongoing effort to document the design community through photography: The Human Quilt Project.

Started an film and photography studio called Unlimited Time Only. Currently available for commissions and freelance work. If you have a project or collaboration in mind please get in touch.